How to Safely Jumpstart your Car

Step by step instructions to Jumpstart your car

Battery-Services-Marshall-Batteries-jumpstartMake sure it’s safe to Jumpstart a Car

To safely jumpstart a vehicle with a flat battery, always make sure that the area is safe for you to undertake the jumpstart.

Move the vehicles as close as possible to ensure that the jumper cables reach, allowing enough room for you to move between the vehicles.

jumper-leads-in good-conditionCheck the Jumper Leads

You will need a good set of jumper leads – check the condition of the cables before you begin. If there is any damage to the cables or the protective insulation Don’t use them.

Keep the Leads Separated

Make sure that the cables DON’T touch each other. This is dangerous to you and your vehicle, take care with the cables.

It’s helpful to have someone hold the other end of the leads.

Battery-Services-Marshall-Batteries-Jumpstart-car-flat-batteryConnect the Car with the Flat Battery

Begin with the car that has the flat battery.

Battery-Services-Marshall-Batteries-starting-engineRemove the key from the ignition and ensure that the handbrake is on.Battery-Services-Marshall-Batteries-holds-handbrake

Connect the POSITIVE battery terminal with the RED lead.

Ideally, find an unpainted metal surface to connect the BLACK cable to.

Battery-Services-Marshall-Batteries-Jumpstart-car-donor-vehicleConnect the Car giving the Jumpstart

Then, connect to the donor vehicle – connect the RED cable to the POSITIVE battery terminal.

Connect the BLACK cable to the NEGATIVE battery terminal.

Jump-start-car-jumper-cable-positionReady to Jumpstart

Be aware of moving parts under the bonnet (hood) and ensure you and the cables are well-clear of any danger.
Start the donor vehicle.
Start the vehicle with the flat battery.

When the Jumpstart is Successful

Allow the vehicle to idle for a few minutes, and then remove the cables from the donor vehicle.

First, remove the BLACK, negative cable from the donor vehicle, then from the other vehicle.
Repeat the process with the RED, positive cables, starting again with the donor vehicle.

Let the Car Idle

Allow the vehicle for up to five to ten minutes before you drive away.

Will my battery be okay?

Depending on how flat the battery is, and it’s age and condition the battery may fail again, even on the way to your destination.

Minimise the amount of draw on your battery, and avoid using anything that will need extra power unless it’s required.

Be aware that your car may stall and your battery may not have the charge to restart your car, so please drive with caution and get home safely

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We come to you roadside, at home or at work, where and when you need us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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