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How to Safely Jumpstart your Car

Step by step instructions to Jumpstart your car Make sure it’s safe to Jumpstart a Car To safely jumpstart a vehicle with a flat battery, always make sure that the area is safe for you to undertake the jumpstart. Move the vehicles as close as possible to ensure that the jumper cables reach, allowing enough room … Read more

Roadside Readiness – Staying safe during a breakdown.

So you’ve called our roadside assist team, help is on the way, and all you have to do is wait. However, roads and highways are not a safe place, during a breakdown, even inside stopping bays. Usually, the best place to wait is inside your car. Breakdown safety is a big deal, and we want … Read more

Roadside Readiness – Three crucial things most car owners forget.

In our last Roadside Readiness article, we covered a few must-haves to prepare for long trips, where breakdowns happen, and items to keep in your car in case of emergencies. If you want to know the rest, read on, or watch our new video here. Recommended Tools For Roadside Readiness Driving at night can be … Read more

Roadside Readiness – Are you fully prepared for a breakdown?

Car trouble is never welcome and almost never expected. Most of us don’t have a great idea of how to diagnose car issues, let alone solve them. If you experience a breakdown on a trip, many roadside assistance services can take a while to get to you – sometimes hours. This becomes an issue especially … Read more

Helping Our Seniors Around Brisbane

What would you do? Sometimes it’s difficult to ask for help even when we are at our most vulnerable. Last summer, I met an elderly man with a flat battery who had called for help at his home after no luck with another roadside assist service. He had called the shop, exasperated, asking for help … Read more

At Least You’re Stranded With Your Best Friend!

We all know the history of humans and dogs – friends through thick and thin. The often-quoted author George Eliot once said that animals are our most agreeable friends, who ask no questions and pass no criticisms. Thomas, a 29 year old Wooloongabba local, was feeling thoroughly uncriticised for this great adventure he was taking … Read more

Battery Disasters – Stuck With The Kids!

It was a sweltering Wednesday afternoon… the windows were rolled down. I weaved the van through mounting traffic toward Greenbank. As I approached the scene, the screams of suffering children were so loud, it was deafening. A mother stranded in the school car park after hours. The disaster… not car battery failure. The kids’ phones … Read more

Battery Disasters – Hate to be late?

Battery maintenance is so easy to forget… if only she had checked her battery – but luckily she still made it on time! One day, I was at a car park at a shopping mall in Brisbane on my way back to the workshop after doing a battery replacement, walking across the way. Across from … Read more

Battery Disasters – Parent’s Worst Nightmare!

A battery failure leaves your daughter stranded alone at night. What would you do? I was getting ready to close up the shop at Greenslopes last week when a panicked father called the shop a few minutes before 5pm. He told me his daughter was stuck in the Mater Hospital carpark, her car wouldn’t start, and … Read more

Battery Services easy to contact

Is it my battery or starter motor?

From the average person’s perspective, it can be difficult to identify just what the problem could be when your car won’t start. What are the most common issues? The two most common issues involve the power in the battery not being enough to start your car – the other involves your car’s starter motor, a … Read more

We come to you roadside, at home or at work, where
and when you need us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We come to you roadside, at home or at work, where and when you need us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get the right battery at the best price. At Battery Services we know batteries – with over 500,000 batteries supplied and fitted around Brisbane. With the most comprehensive range of batteries, our stock is readily available to suit 99% of all vehicles we can help you now.

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